How to Make the Ideal Game Room for Your Kids

A game room is one of the best ways to keep your children busy. Knowing how to keep the kids at the heart of your home decor is an important aspect of living. When it comes to making a game room for the kids, you need to consider the type of games you will install. For example, if you are looking at installing a foosball table, you should start by reading an all-encompassing foosball tables review before making a decision.

While you might need to focus on creating a home-schooling environment during quarantine, having a game room for unwinding is a great option for everyone in the family. In this article, we look at the tips on how to create your game room.

Decorating the Game Room

Any room in your house can be a game room if the activities do not get in the way of other domestic activities. For example, you could turn your spare bedroom or even basement into a game room. All you need is to make it feel like a fun place to be and to relax. If you have pets, you’ll probably also need to make the game room pet friendly.

Since your kids will be using the game room you need to consider their tastes and preferences. This might include things like their choice of color and the equipment they might paly with. However, the most important thing is the games in the room. Kids nowadays tend to prefer video games and e-games, but some classics (like board games) can leave a lasting impression. So it’s advised to consider all kinds of games.

Types of Games to Consider


Darts is a classic social game that comes in a variety of designs and styles. One of the more popular options for kids is an electric dartboard. Most electronic dartboards use soft tip darts and it records the points automatically when you hit the board.

However, the main benefit of getting an electronic dartboard is the automatic scoring and some boards offer permanent score tracking that memorizes the scores for every game. This makes it best for beginners and people who are looking to improve their dart game. It is also very safe, as you don’t have to worry about sharp tips that can hurt the kids if unsupervised.

Arcade Games

Arcade games are not as popular as they were a decade ago, but they can still be enjoyed by all ages. You could start with classic favorites such as pinball machines, Atari, Pac Man, Street Fighter, racing games and more. The arcade games will give the game room a vintage and very novel feel.

The average size of an arcade machine is 4x3x6 feet and they require a clearance of 10 square feet. To make them appealing to the kids, go for a multi-player game. The allure will be the bragging rights that come with maintaining the high score.

Billiard Table

Most people understate the number of games you can play on a billiard table. The two main types of billiard games: pocket and carom. Each of the games has its set of rules and all you need is to learn hope to play and score. However, you can look here for more fun billiard table games you can play with your kids.

Foosball Table

close up of foosball table

Foosball is also known as table soccer and the main aim is to move the ball to your opponent’s goal by manipulating the rods to move the players. However, a foosball tables review will help you in choosing the best brand. The ideal foosball table needs to have the following features:

  • A heavy table of approximately 200 lbs. with thick sides of approximately 1 and a half inches.
  • Counterbalanced foosball men with cross-hatching design and pointed toes to allow for better ball control
  • Hollow high-quality steel rods
  • Octagon shaped plastic or wooden handles
  • Thick legs with spinning and adjustable leg levelers
  • The balls should automatically return to the side of the table

With that said, the material of the foosball will matter. Ideally, you need balls that can be easily pinned down by the men on the table. For this reason, you do not want to buy plastic balls.

Home Theater and Table for Board or Card Games

A home theater system and a table for cards/board games will come in handy. You can listen to your favorite music while playing games such as poker, scramble, snakes and ladders, monopoly, to name a few.


While a game room is a place for fun, it is the ideal workplace for your kids to inspire creativity. The most important thing is to consider the games to include and the decor of the room. You could also make it pet friendly to make it the ideal place for your kids.

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