Newborn Clothing Essentials for First-Time Parents

If you or a loved one have a newborn on the way, you’ve come to the right place. From hats to sleep gear, we’ve rounded up the must-have newborn clothing essentials.

While you want your little one to be comfortable you also want them to be safe and dressed for any weather.

Between the endless amount of baby gear and clothing on the market, it’s difficult to know what your baby actually needs in those first few weeks of life.

To help you make sense of it all, we’ve come up with our favorite must-haves for babies. Think of this as your go-to list of essential newborn baby clothes.

1. Headwear

One of the most important things in your new baby’s wardrobe is their hats. Stretch headwraps or a warm hat will not only look adorable but also help your baby regulate their body temperature.

Newborn babies are tiny. Babies tend to lose body heat from their heads most often. This is why a hat or head wrap is so important to keep your baby warm in the winter.

2. Onesies

Newborn babies practically live in a onesie. While dresses or pant sets are cute, they aren’t always the most practical. In those first few weeks, you’re changing your baby’s diaper non-stop.

You’re also changing clothes that have been spit on or drooled on throughout the day.

A onesie is an easy solution for those early days. You can slip them on and easily open the buttons whenever your little one needs a change.

You can also put them on under additional clothes or sleepwear.

3. Swaddles or Sleep Sacks

Newborn babies should never be left in a crib with loose blankets or pillows. Safe sleep recommendations include a bare crib with a sleep sack or swaddle to keep them warm.

A sleep sack or a swaddle will give your baby the feeling of being warm and cozy back inside the womb. This will help them keep from startling themselves awake and getting too hot or too cold. They will also help make sure they aren’t able to pull a loose blanket over their face while they sleep.

4. Blankets

While it isn’t recommended your baby sleep with a blanket, blankets are great for keeping your little one warm on the go. You can use a blanket in the car seat, while on walks, or while you’re babywearing.

As your baby grows, you can also use blankets for tummy time or playtime. Between diaper blowouts and spit-up, you can never have too many blankets on hand.

5. Hand Coverings

Newborn babies tend to touch their faces a lot. Their nails are also still developing after birth. You may notice your baby will have scratches on their face from their tiny nails.

To help prevent your little ones from scratching themselves, you can use hand mittens designed to keep their hands from scratching. You can also buy onesies and other clothing with the mittens built-in.

Must-Have Newborn Clothing Essentials

From hats to swaddles, there are a few items that are considered newborn clothing essentials. If you’re expecting a new little one, you can’t go wrong stocking up on these essential items.

From weather changes to diaper changes, these must-haves are key to have on hand.

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