How to Implement the Best Parental Control Apps for Android on Your Child’s Phone

Do you have kids who are learning how to use mobile devices? Then you need to consider monitoring and controlling their access to online content.

With the internet’s diversity, your children may access all kinds of harmful content. These dangers come in the form of websites or online games.

In much worse cases, children become victims of online sexual extortion.

Thankfully, there are mobile applications that can help parents monitor their children’s phone use. And, if you or your child uses an Android device, you need to implement the best parental app for Android phones.

Continue reading below as we teach you how to set up a parental control app on your child’s device.

The Need for Parental Control Apps

Before installing a parental control app for Android, let us first touch on the need to implement one. As mentioned earlier, harmful online content may come in different forms. Hence, they also have varying impacts on children.

Though some quarters may not take cyberbullying seriously, 90% of American teens believe that it is a serious concern. Furthermore, 63% of teens consider it as a major problem.

Apart from cyberbullying, your children may become victims of sexual predators. These are people who exploit the innocence of children. They force the latter to do sexual stuff online.

There is also the risk of hackers stealing your kids’ personal information. They may also click on malicious links that may come with viruses and phishing scams.

Installing and Implementing the Best Parental App for Android Phones

With the need to protect your children from online predators and other cyber threats, you need to install the best parental control app for Android devices.

Like the Apple family sharing feature, the Android operating system allows you to manage multiple accounts and restrict them accordingly. However, it is not enough. It is wise to download a third-party app.

Today, there are several parental control apps you can download. These apps share common features. However, they differ in certain aspects including their respective price tags.

Here are some of the key features to consider when scouting for parental control apps:

Web Filtering

If there is one feature that a parental control app must have, it must be web filtering. This allows you to protect your kids from opening dangerous websites such as sites that showcase violence and pornography, among others.

Time Restrictions

Another key feature is time restrictions. This involves setting a specific time limit for your kid’s use of the Android device.

App Blocking

If you have work-related apps that you wish to restrict from your child, install an app that features app blocking. This allows you to block certain apps on your phone whenever your child is using your device.

Location Reporting

Last but not least, there are apps that feature location reporting. This feature lets you track the whereabouts of your child through his Android phone and is also useful during emergencies where you need to find your child.

Downloading the Apps

To browse through various parental control apps, go to the Google Play Store website and type “parental control apps” on the search box.

From there, go through the options and pick the ones with the features that you want. Simply click install and input your credentials, if needed.

Notable Apps to Consider

With so many parental control apps available, how can you tell which one is best for you? Thankfully, there are apps that stand out from the rest.

However, the key is to consider the features that you wish to focus on.

Here are some of the most notable apps you can download on the Google Play Store:

Family Link

If you wish to limit your kid’s screen time, try Google’s Family Link app. This app is perfect for kids who are only learning how to use mobile phones.

Once your child reaches the time limit that you set, he will no longer be able to use the phone. The app also links your kid’s phone to yours. And if they wish to request for additional time, they can shoot a request to your device.

Moreover, the app lets you monitor the location of your child. You can also remotely hide apps and lock his device when it is time for his homework.

This app is good for kids until they reach 13 years of age.

Kids Place

If your kid doesn’t have his own phone and still borrows yours, the Kids Place app is what you need. The app will restrict your child from using only the apps that you approve of. Moreover, Kids Place protects your personal data and keeps your children from texting and making phone calls.

Furthermore, you can program the app to block disable wireless signals. You can also use it to block incoming calls while it’s running.


If your priority is to lock certain apps and settings on your phone, AppLock is one of the best out there. With the app, you can lock practically any app that you have on your phone.

Moreover, it can lock your social media accounts like Facebook.

You can also restrict your Gmail, your contacts list, and your text messages. This ensures your child will not delete any important data inadvertently.

Another important feature of AppLock is it allows you to lock your Google Play settings. This will keep your child from changing your settings and downloading inappropriate content.

Your Default Options

Downloading parental control apps is good. However, you can further boost your monitoring efforts by using the default options of the Android operating system.

Before giving your device to your child, make sure to enable Google SafeSearch on your phone’s browser. This feature lets you limit the websites that your child can browse. You can also block certain sites that you don’t want your kid to access.

Before turning Google SafeSearch on, make sure that your browser is using Google as its default search engine.

Discover Other Valuable Apps

By implementing the best parental app for Android, you can protect your child from the dangers of the internet.

And, if you wish to boost your Android phone’s usability, there are hundreds of other apps to discover.

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