Why Parents Should Change the Age-Old Mindset of Traditional Schooling

Over the years parents have become more and more attached to the age-old mindset of traditional schooling. It’s easy to believe that in the public-school system our kids will get the best education because the teachers are professionals and they will teach our kids how to be successful in this modern world.

Quite often we forget there are many alternatives to public schools. Here are 9 reasons why you should start questioning the age-old mindset of traditional schooling.

#1 Schools are inefficient in time management

Oftentimes schools do not do a good job in managing our kids’ time. Time is wasted moving from classroom to classroom. Time is wasted sitting in a chair waiting for the teacher to answer questions around them.

Because of the amount of students it is hard to maximize the use of time in public school.

#2 Traditional Schools do not encourage individuality

The school system is set up to cater to the crowd, not to the individual student.

If your eight year old wants to be a doctor, the public school system will not try to incorporate this into his every day subjects. He will be taught the exact same thing as the other thirty kids in his classroom. This method of teaching removes uniqueness.

Every child in the public school system is taught the exact same set of rules, the exact same set of skills and they are graded on it accordingly.

If you can’t be average like all the other kids out there you will be marked as a failing student. Your child may not be great at reading, but he may be a math genius. The traditional schooling system will not recognize, or encourage this.

#3 Schools enforce their own moral system

When you sent your kid to school you hand over all control over their moral judgement. The system with its teachers get to teach your child the difference between right and wrong.

You as a parent have no say over this system. You do not have any say in what morals the school teaches your kids.

#4 School teachers do not love your child

No matter how qualified or professional, the teachers at the public school can never love your kids the way you can. The public school teachers will not be able to relate to your kids’ problems. They will not be able to understand your child’s unique struggles.

When you send you son or daughter to school you are putting them in an environment where they will be treated like everyone else.

#5 Traditional schooling focuses on busy work rather than education

In a traditional schooling classroom the teachers will often focus more on busy work rather than teaching your kids new material. They have a commitment to take their class to the next level together.

To keep their class on the same level they will often hand out work that is meant to merely keep your child busy and distracted, not learning new things.

When your child goes to school they should be learning new things every minute they are there. They should be seeing the way things can be used in the real world.

#6 Public schools are overcrowded

Because of the volume of children sent to public schools it is very common that your child may be overlooked. In a crowd of thirty to forty kids your child is just another ten year old in the system.

Often times it will be difficult for the teachers to learn all the different names, much less be tuned in to each individual child’s needs.

#7 Unkind teachers

An unkind teacher is a problem that many children have had going through the public school system. Teachers are supposed to be there to guide and help that child through the learning stage of life, but oftentimes teacher can be unkind.

Teachers can get exasperated when a child does not perform as well as they’d like, or they can get involved with petty fights between students and pick a favorite.

Children can often begin to develop negative feelings towards school and education in itself. The kindness of a teacher can often determine your child’s love of learning.

#8 Peer pressure

Peer pressure is a very negative effect of the traditional schooling system.

When you put your child among a large amount of other kids his age he becomes exposed to very strong levels of peer pressure. Instead of relying on adults, parents, or role models for advice on their behavior and accomplishments kids begin to look to their peers.

If their peers think it’s not popular to do well in school, your child may care more about failing for them than succeeding for you.

#9 It does not teach children how to relate to adults

Public schooling does not help children with relating to adults in the real world. It is important for even the youngest of kids to know how to properly interact with an adult. Often in the public school system kids are cornered off into their own age groups.

They don’t get any practice with dealing with people of different ages. The ability to interact with adults and other ages can help with many things such as getting a job, or knowing how to talk to a grandparent.

Of course, there are plenty of pros and cons to homeschooling as well.

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The post is contributed by Jyoti Bhatia. She is a stay at home mom who likes to write articles on parenting, education, management, toddlers management, etc.

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