An Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

When young moms-to-be know that they are expecting a new member into their house, they are overwhelmed with emotions. Joy, excitement, nervousness – everything clouds their minds. But at the same time, this phase of their life calls for major lifestyle changes.

Pregnancy is such a critical part of your life, that you can’t afford to make mistakes concerning your health. You can’t even afford carelessness, let alone mistakes. Before we begin to get into the major changes you need to incorporate in your new life – take a minute, relax, calm down and do not stress.

1. What to eat?

You are not just eating for your own self anymore, as there’s another heartbeat inside you that feeds on your food. It’s no secret that pregnancy cravings are a thing. Such cravings cannot be explained, and it seems they cannot be satisfied either!

For instance, let’s assume you have a craving for cheeseburgers during your pregnancy. It might be because of your body’s increased need for protein, fats, and iron. Thus, if you pick a healthy lifestyle alternative that can provide your body with the necessary nutrients, your cravings will be extensively reduced. Don’t get confused over the different diet plans. Just stick to a healthy one since there are many dangerous diets you might not know about.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pregnancy. Each case is different and so is their needs. It would be impractical to base your eating habits on any one single article. Consult a dietician or a doctor and let them design a customized food plan for you in tandem with your food habits.

2. Hydration is essential

This is great advice for everyone, pregnant or not. We all know dehydration is bad, however, during pregnancy, it is worse. It is during this time of your life your body will demand more water than usual.

This means you need to consume more water than normal. The requirement for how much might vary from person to person. But it will be wise to drink at least 8-10 glasses a day. You might have to hit the bathroom more often, but that is just a part of the journey.

3. Do not miss an appointment

This goes without saying. You cannot afford to miss any of your scheduled appointments. After all, it’s not just your health anymore – it’s for the both of you!

Make sure you see your gynecologist at various stages of your pregnancy to keep a close check at your health. This is to monitor your weight, blood pressure, and also look after your child’s development and growth. Regular checkups will ensure an easy, safe and complication-free pregnancy for you.

4. Avoid sugar (as much as you can)

Sugar cravings are real, even during pregnancy. It need not necessarily be for the body’s requirement. So do not give it to it.

Studies have shown that excessive sugar has led to a negative impact on the child’s memory and growth. You surely do not want that.

Limit your sugar intake and consume only what is necessary. There might be days when you feel completely off-limits and crave for desserts, so instead pick fresh apples and dried mangoes. Your baby’s health is more important to you than any other kind of craving.

5. Get out there and move

You can be a gym enthusiast before getting pregnant. However, after conceiving, to-be-mothers often lose the motivation to hit the gym. This is primarily because of the heaviness in your body.
But you need to take care of your health and fight the temptation of sitting. Go for walks, jogs, swimming sessions, yoga classes and do some light physical activity.

You can also hire a personal trainer to guide you through it. They have been professionally trained and know what exercises will benefit pregnant ladies the most. However, make sure you don’t do any sort of weightlifting in these critical months. It’s also wise to not over-exercise, as it might leave a negative impact on your health.

During pregnancy, your baby must be your first priority and likewise, you must be the top on your list. Because your baby is feeding on you, breathing via you and growing inside you. You don’t want to do anything that might leave you with regrets later.

Let me leave you with one last tip: Do not blindly believe others, research well, consult your doctors, trainers, and dieticians, and then decide what’s best for your baby!

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