How to Raise Your Kids to Follow You Instead of Rebelling

Today, no relationships are easy. The world is pretty upside down. Somewhere, all our hardships are natural.

Men and women fight with each other instead of trying to understand and work more in symbiosis to achieve their common goals. Many siblings don’t get on well – not to mention the troubles of parents-child relationships. 

Let’s talk about the latter one as our foundation for life. If we understand what makes a good parent-kids bonding, we might as well build happy and meaningful connections with others.

Raising Kids That Follow 

The best way to educate your kids should be to show them how to do things the way you would. When you think they don’t do something well, you can support them through your experience.

Therefore, your ways of parenting are the best when you are better at things than your kids. 

When does your parenting lose its significance? When as a parent you no longer know, believe, or feel more than your children do.

You need to understand, in this case, that trying to show your kids your way won’t work any longer.

If this happens, you can lose control over them as well as your authenticity. Does this happen these days? Unfortunately, often.

The imbalances are huge in our families, where we should start striving for the best. 

What Does Supportive Upbringing Look Like?

Raising your kids well doesn’t mean that what you say goes and your kids have to take your advice.

Maybe you don’t know something well, or what has been working for you, doesn’t work for your children because they and their lives, lessons, and wars are too different from yours.

Raising your kids shouldn’t be practicing too much control. Supportive upbringing is about showing the knowledge you have gained and leading the children on their path instead of dominating them. 

We can only show our children the path we are on or have taken. Many parents went astray earlier and corrected what they had done wrong.

When someone steps on a path, it gets recorded in their genetics, hence they will show the same way for their kids. If you corrected the wrong path you had taken before, it is your parental duty to discuss it with your kids.

By making them understand that you were also in the wrong zone, recognized it, and could overcome it. 

You Can Change Your Wrong Direction

It is important that your children want to listen to you. If they don’t then you will explain in vain why they shouldn’t take the direction you had already tried and did not work.

You won’t be able to affect them. If they listen to you, they will understand that the given path won’t be good for them either so they will avoid it.

By doing so, you have saved them an extra sidestep, thus they can grow up faster. They will gain prestige earlier on in life, hence can start enjoying life earlier. 

This is your responsibility as a parent. Best of luck!

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