The 5 Types of Mom – Which Are You?

Being a mom is beautiful.

You become a part of this collective of women who are you are able to connect with over the good times, the hard times, and everything in between. Moms understand each other, they share common experiences that bring them together, they build relationships with one another and they support each other.

Being a mom is also hard.

And it’s even harder when everyone and their dog is labeling you based on how you choose to raise your child, and judging each and every decision you make as a parent.

Each and every mom is different – label withstanding – and we need to learn that that is okay. Sure, not everyone may agree with how we are raising our children, and we may not agree with aspects of how they are raising theirs, but it isn’t our place to judge, comment on, or interfere with another moms parenting style.

Instead should embrace our differences, learn from each other, and grow together.

There are a million and one different “parenting styles” that today’s parents – especially moms – are being labeled with, and, to be honest, we think some of them are just a little out there. I mean, come on – tiger moms and wolf dads; panda dads and dragon moms? What do those even mean?

We have to admit though, as much as we don’t like to give in to stereotypes – there are definitely a few “mom types” that are just a little too accurate – 5 to be exact. You know the ones I’m talking about; the free-range mom, the helicopter mom, the lawnmower mom, competitive mom, or the granola mom.

You could probably even pinpoint which mom friend of yours falls into each of these categories without a second thought.

Don’t worry – we aren’t saying this like it’s a bad thing.

Each of these parenting styles is different, but they all have their own truths.

Which leads to the big question – you’ve got your mom friends figured out, but out of the 5 types of moms, which one are you?

Mom #1: Free-Range Mom

Ah, the free-range mom. She encourages her child(ren) to be independent. She let’s them make their own decisions, choose their own paths, and suffer their consequences when the wrong decisions are made. She tries to limit intervention and supervision, but let it be known – this absence of control does not equate to an absence of involvement or care.

Free-range moms simply want to see their child(ren) acquire the skills necessary to function on their own within society.

Mom #2: Helicopter Mom

A helicopter mom is the complete opposite of a free-range mom. Rather than limiting supervision and involvement, a helicopter mom will often over involve themselves – with the best intentions of course.

The helicopter mom is often seen as hovering – constantly around their child – offering assistance where it is not needing; completing tasks their child should be able to do on their own; and overprotecting their child, restricting them from normal activities due to fear of either danger or failure.

Mom #3: Perfect Mom

Most other moms secretly hate her.

She seems to have everything – and we mean everything – under control.

She is always on time; she participates in all of the extra-curricula without fail; her hair and make-up are always on point; her children are the definition of angels; she sends perfectly balanced home-packed lunches everyday; she’s literally perfect.

She’s like the robot of moms – she’s mastered the art of motherhood, and has looked good while doing it.

Or so we think.

Mom #4: Competitive Mom

The competitive mom wants her child to succeed – at everything – no matter the cost.

She can’t stand to see her child lose; She constantly compares her child to other children; She over exaggerates her child’s successes – and ceases any and every opportunity to tell others about them.

Competitive moms tend to burden their children with their overly high expectations, and react negatively if those expectations are not met.

Mom #5: Granola Mom

Lastly, we have the granola mom – the earth mama, the hippy.

This mama is decidedly more health, environmentally, and socially conscious than our other mom types. She had an all natural birth – and she’ll tell you. She breastfeeds her children until she sees fit not too and she’s careful with what she feeds her children post-breast milk – homegrown, whole grain, organic all the way. She tries her best to keep her family’s carbon footprint down. She volunteers, smudges her house, is a practicing yogi, doesn’t own a TV, and keeps crystals in every room.

She wants her children to be happy, healthy, and one with themselves, their spirituality, and the world.

It Doesn’t Really Matter Which of these Categories You Fall Into

Regardless of what kind of mom you are – we commend you.

Motherhood is the single most difficult, yet rewarding job a woman could have – and you’re doing it! It may not always feel like it you’ve got it all figured out, or like you’re doing the right thing, but chances are you are doing just fine.


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