7 Tips On How To Get Pregnant  

Pregnancy is a special event in any woman’s life since you’re anticipating the birth of the newest member of your family.

If you ever find yourself excited with the idea of having little hands to hold while you spend the day at the park, or you just cannot stop seeing tiny tots everywhere and wanting to have one yourself, you may have been bitten by the baby bug.

Getting pregnant isn’t easy as it sounds, though. While the natural process is there, you need to be aware of how to get pregnant and ensure that your child will be healthy right from their birth.

If you and your partner want to grow your family, listed below are the tips on how to get pregnant:

1. Watch What You Eat

Even if the pregnancy test came out as unfavorable, you should always treat your body as a pregnant woman and avoid eating foods that aren’t beneficial for you.

While you might want to have fun sometimes, you should avoid consuming junk. You may never know that you’re pregnant since a pregnancy test and ultrasound cannot determine the pregnancy right away, as they usually show results during the fifth week of pregnancy only.

You should learn what good food for pregnancy is and what kinds you should avoid. Ideally, you should consume as many healthy foods as possible.

Avoid drinking alcohol and sushi as well. While doctors say that drinking one to two cups of coffee is safe, it’ll be best if you could stay off of them just to be sure.

2. Have Sexy Time Often

One of the most obvious ways to get pregnant is by having sex with your partner often.

While an OBGYN doesn’t recommend that you have sex every night as it can cause fatigue and lack of interest, you should at least try scheduling sexy time thrice a week.

Of course, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You may get too caught up in your goal of having a baby that the deed feels more of a chore rather than an intimate time with your partner.

3. Prioritize Having a Good Night’s Sleep

Your body needs to be healthy to conceive well. Ideally, you should aim to have at least seven to nine hours of sleep every day.

If you’re usually working more than your required hours, you may want to consider leaving on time so that you could allow your body to relax and avoid any possible stress.

If you’re having difficulty falling asleep, you need to look for ways to make your room cozier. You can change your sheets with a higher thread count or change your pillows into something softer and more relaxed.

Sometimes, it may take just a slight change in mindset. Always look for ways how you can have a great night of sleep.

4. Know Your Cycle

The best way to increase your chances of getting pregnant is by having sex with your partner during your fertile days. There are plenty of mobile apps that allow you to keep track of your menstrual cycle and your ovulation period.

Ideally, you ought to have sexy time with your partner when your chances of getting pregnant are high. It’s when your body accommodates sperm cells better.

If you’re unsure about the app’s accuracy on your mobile phones, there are ovulation test kits you can purchase over-the-counter. You just need to pee on it and see if you’re fertile enough to conceive.

5. Stay in Bed After Sex

After you had intercourse with your partner, you shouldn’t immediately get up and wash off. It’s better to stay and lay in bed for at least ten to 15 minutes right after having sex.

You don’t need to put your feet up in the air. You can lay flat and allow nature to run its course.

However, if you feel that gravity can help you conceive better, do so at your own risk.

6. Stop Smoking

If you smoke regularly, especially during your most stressful days, now is the best time to quit smoking.

Not only can it help you conceive a baby faster, but beginning as quickly as possible can help you to cut the habit, especially when you’re pregnant already.

Everyone knows that no good thing comes from smoking, especially for pregnant women, which can harm your unborn child.

Increase your chances of conceiving by keeping your body healthy, which includes staying away from tobacco and the like.

7. Consult with Your Doctor

Depending on your condition and age, you should talk to your doctor about how you could increase your chances of getting pregnant.

They might consider running tests or prescribing medications to allow you to conceive a baby faster.


Trying to get pregnant can be a joyful and stressful event in your life. No matter how challenging it can be to conceive, try to enjoy the process and wait for your blessing to come.

As people say, it’ll happen once it’s the right time and when both of you are truly ready.

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