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Inexpensive Pulse Meter and Watch Product Review, Cyberparent

Personal Pulse Meter by Oregon Scientific

Keeping tabs on your pulse increases the accuracy, safety, and overall efficiency of any workout. And here is the tool to do just that.

Hang this inexpensive, but accurate, pulse meter around your neck with the removable cord or attach it to your wrist–or even your clothing–with the band.

It delivers quick readings–although the correct positioning of your finger takes a bit of practice.

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  • Finger pulse meter measures instant heart rate with optical sensor.

  • Chronograph stopwatch/timer with hr/min/sec display.

  • 12 or 24-hour clock display options.

  • LCD display with a blue backlight.

  • Illuminated with blue HiGlo™ electro-luminescent backlight for easy nighttime viewing.

  • Detachable module with stopwatch and wristwatch modes.

Actual size is 9.75″ x 1.75″ x 0.5″

Buy this product The only drawback CyberParent found is that you must be standing still to get an accurate reading.

On the other hand, for the price it is hard to beat. Maybe you would like the $175 heart monitor but until that is in your budget, this inexpensive pulse meter works!

Under normal use and conditions, the unit is weatherproof and the battery should last about 12 months.

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