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Low Vison Talking Watch Product Review, Cyberparent

Low Vision Talking Watch by Avalon

Avalon – family owned and operated – offers more than 50 years experience in the watch industry using the finest quality manufacturing facilities and flexible designs.

This attractive watch is good for low vision, vision impaired or situations when you can not safely or conveniently look at your watch. The female voice announcing the time, day, date, and year is loud enough to work for the hearing impaired, also.

Optional audio features include:

  • An hourly chime.

  • Five alarm modes.

  • Choice of 8 melodies.

Case diameter is 1 3/8′. Movement is quartz.

Comfortable black strap–see photograph.

The company offers extensive experience, quality timepieces and excellent service at the highest levels in the watch industry today Product Details

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