Earth Hurts When Rainforest Dies

Rainforest: helps all of the earth. When sections of the rainforest die, planet earth is injured.

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When the Rainforest Dies, Our Earth Hurts.

You don’t live in the rainforest. Does the death of the rainforest hurt you?

Yes, it does. When sections of the rainforest die, planet earth is injured.

Many of the medicines and foods we use today first came from the native people of the rainforest.

Over one half of all plants that live in the world today live in the rainforest. Some do not even have names yet.

As the rainforest dies, many plant types become extinct. Then you lose plants that could become new medicines and you lose new foods.

The rainforest helps you breathe. It cleans the air.

The rainforest keeps you cool. It acts as the air-conditioner of the world.

Jungle rain supplies fresh water for the world.

Pretend you are a kid who lives in your hometown. How does the death of the rainforest hurt you in other ways?

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