Much of the rainforest is destroyed for ranches.

Rainforest: Much of rainforest is destroyed for cattle ranches.

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Rainforest cows are cut into meat, then sold to other countries.

Rainforest Is Destroyed for
Cattle Ranches

More of the rainforest is destroyed for cattle ranches than any other reason.

The ranchers slash and burn the rainforest to grow grass for their cows. The cows eat the grass to get fat.

Once the cows are fat, they are killed for meat. The cows are cut up into steaks and roasts. They are ground up for hamburger.

Cow meat is called beef.

The rainforest beef is sent to other countries. People eat this beef in hamburgers and other foods like hotdogs and barbecue.

Pretend you are a kid in the rainforest. Do you want the jungle destroyed to make ranches?

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