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The Many Benefits ofRainwater Renewable Water for aGreen Homeor Business

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The benefits of rainwater harvesting are varied and numerous:

  1. Reduces water bills.

  2. Plants thrive when irrigated with stored rainwater.

  3. As rainwater percolates into the soil, it forces salts down and away from root zones, allowing roots to grow better and making plants more drought tolerant.

  4. Reduces flow to storm sewers.

  5. Reduced water volume causes less erosion in urban areas.

  6. Helps municipalities meet summer water demand.

  7. Delays expansion of water treatment plants.

  8. Helps keep pesticides, fertilizers, and petroleum products out of groundwater and rivers.

  9. Distribution is easy and inexpensive.

  10. Can provide soft water for indoor non-potable use.

  11. Easy to expand.

  12. Reliable for irrigation, even in DFW.

  13. Pumps can run off solar energy or 12 volt systems.

  14. Water sources are renewable.

  15. Relatively inexpensive to install.

  16. Maintenance is easy and inexpensive.

And the water really is ample here. The State of Texas estimates 2 billion gallons of water could be generated annually in a large metropolitan area the size of Dallas if we only used 10% of our roof area to harvest rainwater.

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