10 Myths About Online Dating: Busted!

It’s really exciting when sparks fly as it is a match made in heaven! Although you haven’t met a party or at school or at your workplace, your ideas and vibe really match. Though it is wonderful to meet someone virtually, online dating was something new until recently everyone started to embrace it. With the internet now becoming our sole savior for everything from communications to normal social interaction.

So let’s go on some Myth-Busting, shall we?

Everything on that profile is a lie!

When you are into this online dating thing, it is natural to look out for the person on the other end because dating online is where you can’t see the person but can only read what they text. Thus, it is our instinct to believe that the person on the other end can be a cheat. They may be using their younger pictures to lure someone but in reality, they might be much older.

Well, here is the truth. Not everybody lies on the web. A few people believe online love cupid so that they can find their match. In fact, there are a lot of genuine cases where couples did fall in love and even get married!

So here the truth: Not everyone lies online. Even if you are really planning to lie, then you and your online dating partner should keep offline dates off the radar.

Desperation levels 101: Online dating

Yes, there are a group of people in society that still think that you are very desperate about getting a partner. Mainstream cinemas and entertainment portals have stereotyped online dating as something which only the nerds and computer geeks would prefer due to their offline compatibility with anyone. This is completely untrue!

Online Dating is for everyone and it is essential for those who do not find time daily because of their profession etc. This world has become fast paced where if you do not keep pace, you tend to lose out. Thus, to know how much you are compatible with the other, online dating services have sprung up.

No Online dating scene for people above 30

If you are a woman and if you are above 30 then you need to completely forget about the online dating scene. Why is that? This is the most common phrase you hear in the social circles too.

According to a survey, women tend to look for partners of their age while men like to find much younger women to them. The world is made of different people and there are a lot of people who would be interested in older women. So, here is the myth buster: Women above 30 can very much date!

If your online appearance is not lit, then forget about any matches!

Well, well. Appearances can be deceptive! People think that the photos that you post online are the only way you can pick good partners but that is not it. It is actually very stupid to believe that. A lot of other things can make someone get attracted to you. Only pictures are not the reason why people get attracted to you online.

Just think about it, a person has great pictures on his profile and then when you are a match, he talks about nothing. Would you still be interested in him? Thus, here goes another truth pill: Photos on the online profile aren’t everything!

Online dating schemes are completely fraudulent

Not all online dating websites or apps are frauds. They do have pure intentions when they were working on launching their website. People think that the guys and girls on the online dating platforms con each other and rob them of money or other valuables when they meet for a real date. Well, no. It is delusional to believe that online dating websites were designed for scam artists.

Though there is not a single website that guarantees that you are going to get conned but there aren’t any vile intentions when they founded created the dating platform. It is for people to find love and be connected. Therefore, stay safe and check for any kind of red flags before hitting it off with them.

All online relationships don’t have a future

A big misconception again! There are umpteen cases where people found love on the internet and are now happily married.

Marrying and having a future with someone takes a lot of effort and courage. A lot of surveys have come into picture where a lot of people who met online and got married are now divorcing and 5% of the world/s couples fall into that category. Well, here is the myth-busting time: More than 7.5% of the world’s couples are now divorcing.

Moreover, Online dating has come in popularity much recently. How can you blame this as one of the reason relationships online are doomed? Stupidity, right?

Online dating encourages hookup culture

People like to say that due to online dating, they have given rise to the hookup culture. To bust your myth about this one, it would have probably helped if you were a history enthusiast or a major because casual hookups were in the scene long before these online casual dating apps and websites came up to the surface.

What happened discreetly is now open and it is not right to blame the dating apps and websites. It is possible if you read the 19th-century literature novels, you would never think of all that.

They leave you out high and dry

Online dating platform is to meet people of your taste and who match your vibe. The website or the app cannot guarantee that you will get a life partner. It is very simple. Matching with a partner only happens if the significant other is interested in you too. It is not because of the whole dating app.

So, no online dating app or website leaves you high and dry. It is simply because the other person hasn’t shown any interest in you. You wait for years offline for a perfect partner, doesn’t it make sense to be a little bit patient when you are online? Be patient and let the internet do the magic!

The 3 day rule

Most of them believe that even if you hit it off well online and have been to your first date with them already, then you need to wait for 3 days before you call them or text them. Otherwise, you might be judged as a desperate person wanting to spend a night with them.

Just because this 3-day rule worked for a couple doesn’t mean it will work for everyone? What if it backfires? So, stop looking forward to following these silly rules and make your next move whenever you think it is right.

Ghosting Scenario

Online dating may often lead to ghosting where the other one would simply disappear in your life. No calls, no texts or messages, simply gone.

It is slightly uncanny that you are blaming online dating for this but what if you met a person offline, you hit it off well and then he or she disappears?

Online Dating does not mean that the other person will host you after the first date or so. It depends on your luck and on the person how they would react to the whole situation.


Thus, here are some of the most common myths that people have about Online Dating. This new age dating is for everybody and age doesn’t really matter as long as you are a matured and capable adult of taking their own decisions. Just stay away from the social stigma and rise above the rise above the stereotypes to live a wonderful and carefree life!

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