Fifteen Ways to Say, “I’m Sorry” & Apologize to Someone you Love

Everyone 'blows it' from time to time, so why do we often find it so hard to apologize?

Everyone ‘blows it’ from time to time, so why do we often find it so hard to apologize?

At Cyberparent, we’ve made it easy! Use our quick reference guide below and you’ll be back in the good graces of your loved one in no time!

Apologies made easy – 15 ways

Do you need to apologize? Here are 15 ways to say “I’m sorry” to someone you love.

1. I’m feeling defensive. When I feel defensive, sometimes I say things I don’t mean.

2. I’m not talking to you like you are someone I love. Let me start over because I do love you.

3. I know I’m sounding angry, but I’m feeling extremely threatened. Let me take a deep breath and try again.

4. I know you’re feeling harassed. Please bear with me, I will do better for you.

5. I’m afraid if I say I’m sorry, you’ll make everything my fault.

6. I’m sorry. I think I was using a tone of voice I did not mean.

7. I think I’m overreacting.

8. I guess I haven’t been listening very well. Please give me another chance.

9. Please forgive me?

10. I know I’ve hurt you. What can I do that would help us get happy again?

11. I’ve said some mean things. Can I take them back?

12. I’m making it sound like it was all your fault. I know that’s not true.

13. I know I sound mad now. I’m sorry and I haven’t stopped loving you.

14. I love you, I hate fighting, and I’m sorry for my part of this one!

15. I feel lousy about what just happened. Can we just make up?

Bonus Tip:

Don’t forget the best two words of all, “I’m sorry.” Don’t forget the best three words of all, “I love you.” Don’t forget the best four words of all, “Please forgive my ________.”

What is your favorite way to apologize?

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