New Year’s Resolutions to Keep the Romance Alive

The New Year is often a time we make promises to ourselves such as saving money and losing weight. While self-improvement is a great aspect of our lives to focus on, sometimes we need to stop and pay attention to our relationships.

When it comes to being in a relationship, nothing puts a bigger strain on connection and romance than having kids.

However, having a family doesn’t have to mean it’s the end of romance. This New Year, make a resolution to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

1. Squeeze Romance Into Everyday

Being romantic doesn’t have to be a lavish affair. You can do little things everyday to keep the romance alive.

Send your significant other a short and flirty email during the day. Here are some ideas:

  • “I’ve been thinking about you all day – and it’s only 8:30am.”
  • “You make my heart happy.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about how good you look this morning.”
  • “Me when I think of you: [heart eye emoji].”
  • “I’m having R-rated thoughts about you.”

Along with a little bit of flirty, try to pay each other compliments throughout the day. Try to focus on your partner’s accomplishments instead of their appearance. For example, telling your wife she is an amazing mother will mean more than commenting on her hair.

You can also throw intimate moments into your day by having a shower together, cooking a late dinner for two or having sex in the morning.

2. Give Each Other a Break

Parenting children together should be a 50-50 effort. However, sometimes one parent could use a little break.

Romance doesn’t always have to be about intimacy. Simply giving your significant other a break from parenting can be a sweet romantic gesture.

During this new year, wake up on a weekend and take care of the little ones while your partner has a sleep in. Or take the kids out so your partner can indulge in a little relaxation and self care.

You can also take on more domestic responsibility every now and then. You’d be amazed how much more your significant other will want to be intimate when they feel relaxed and appreciated.

3. Get Physical

The mention of getting physical likely makes you think of sex right away. Yet, there are many other ways you can be physical with your partner without hitting the bedroom.

Holding hands is an ultra romantic gesture that can be done on a daily basis. Not only does it solidify your union to the world, but it is a simple physical touch that fosters feelings of safety and connection.

You can also try sneaking in more hugs and kisses throughout the day as well as some evening snuggle time.

Don’t shy away from PDA (public displays of affection). As long as you keep it PG, there’s nothing wrong with physically connecting.

By the way, physical expressions of love are a great way to model strong and healthy relationships to your children.

4. Show Each Other Love and Respect

When you settle into a relationship, and parentship, with another person, it’s easy to fall into a repetitive family routine. Feelings of resentment may even develop.

Even though this is normal, you don’t have to resolve to allow your relationship to decline to this way of life.

Doing little things in the New Year to keep your romance alive will help to keep love and respect in your relationship.

Open communication and honesty is another way to keep your relationship loving and healthy. When communicating, you should try to avoid nagging and criticizing. Learning to argue by listening to your partner is a great way to communicate in a healthy way.

How do you keep the romance alive? Let us know in the comments!

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