5 Ways Tantra Can Help Reignite Lost Flames In Relationships

If you’re going through a rough patch with a partner, tantra for couples can be one of the best ways to get your relationship back on track.

Whether you wish to rekindle a strong sexual connection or become more intimate, there are many benefits of tantra which you can explore. 

So, what exactly is tantra and how can it help you to improve your relationship?

In this article, we’ll reveal why tantra for couples is an incredible way to put the fire back into your love life. 

What Is Tantra?

Tantra is the practice of connecting your mind, body and soul alongside sexual energy.

When you practice tantra, you experience a higher sense of yourself within an intimate and pleasurable setting. 

Tantra is the Sanskrit word for ‘woven together’, which is often used metaphorically for uniting the physical and spiritual self. It can sometimes be known as tantric sex.

However, the practice is much more than simply long lovemaking sessions. The purpose of tantra is to become enlightened, with the act of lovemaking offering a slow and sensual way for you to spice up your sex life. 

How Tantra Can Help Couples Grow More Intimate

Tantra is a wonderful practice that can offer many advantages to your love life.

Here are some benefits of tantra to help you become more intimate with your partner:

1. It helps you to explore your sacred sexuality.

The slow nature of tantra helps you to navigate both you and your partner’s full body.

You can explore each other on a deeper level by connecting both your bodies and minds.

As a beginner, you can join tantra workshops or head to a couples’ retreat to truly understand the best techniques to practice together. 

2. You nurture your sensuality with tantric massage.

A simple tantric massage can help you to experience new realms of your sensuality, finding new ways to pleasure each other while aiding your spiritual growth.

You can participate in a tantric massage by maintaining eye contact with each other as you softly begin to caress erogenous zones.

Try stimulating your partner by taking them to the edge of climax and back again. This is a great way to increase intimacy and improve your sex life. 

3. You can synchronize your breathing to get in sync with each other.

Remember, having a tantric relationship with your partner isn’t about having multiple orgasms. Tantra is an incredibly spiritual act. 

4As a beginner, it can be challenging to adapt so try to synchronize your breathing to help form a connection. 

While eye gazing at each other, take a breath in together, followed by a breath out. Then, try inhaling while your partner exhales and vice versa. Practice this for 5 to 10 minutes. 

4. By adding romance you can grow in love.

Tantra can help to keep your romance alive.

Rather than just getting down to the act, try adding an alluring ambiance by lighting some scented candles and playing soft music.

You can also take a shower together beforehand to help you both get into a seductive mood.

It’s an effective way for you and your partner to grow a closer bond and set the scene for tantra practice. 

5. It increases sexual chemistry.

Slow and sensual movements improve the sexual chemistry between couples, helping them to experience more pleasure.

While we’ve mentioned that the focus of tantra is not on orgasm, the act itself can help you to have more intense orgasms due to delayed penetration.

The spiritual side of tantra helps couples to enjoy sex in the present moment, enabling them to revel in the full sexual experience rather than waiting for an accumulation of ecstasy.

In turn, being able to focus on breathing and touch alongside delayed orgasm helps to enhance sexual chemistry so you fully enjoy spending close time with your partner. 

Try Tantra to Help Relight the Fire in Your Relationship

Now you know the many benefits of tantra for couples, as well as a few ways to start practicing, try out a few techniques to help you and your partner reconnect.
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Remember, the art of tantra is slow and sensual. Be patient and continue to indulge in tantric massage to experience the exciting rewards it brings to your relationship. 

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