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Romance: Let’s think about it from a romantic point of view…

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You spent your youth educating yourself andpreparing for a career.
You spend hours each year in pursuits to furtherthat career.
You spend years becoming competent in a hobby likegolf or painting.
Just how much time do you spend on the romance in yourrelationships?
Come add some romance to your life!! 
Romantic: The Romance Web from CyberParent

 WhatIs This Thing Called Love: Styles of Lovers
RomanceFlourishes with These Two Words

RomanceYour Lover with Romantic Love Letters

Romantic Love Game Makes Love Blossom

Words of Romance for Romantic Love Letters

Romance Your Love with Romantic and Fragrant Rose Petals

RosesEqual Romance and Romantic Love

Howto Romance Your Man

RosesSay Beauty of Your Love in a Romantic Way

Romantic Rose Says "I Love You"

Recommendedfor Romance: Reviews TheArt of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women

Passionate Marriage: Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships

Keeping The Love You Find  A Personal Guide

BorrowWords of Love and Romance from the Masters:
A Book of Verse 
How Do I Love Thee? 
A Red, Red Rose 
She Walks in Beauty 



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