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Review of The Friendship Factor.

A sourcebook for negotiating andintegrating blended families.

The Blended Family Sourcebook: A Guide to Negotiating Change

by David S. Chedekel, Karen O’Connell

Our families are ever-changing but changes within the blended family must be negotiated and all family members must be integrated.

New families and new family concepts are a growing reality in our society. Stepparents form a new family; couples adopt or foster a child; parents with children of their own take in an elderly parent; grandparents marry and blend both adult stepchildren and step grandchildren into a family; grandparents start raising their own grandchildren.

It is not easy to merge all loved ones (and often some not so lovable) into a new family. Changes within the new family must be negotiated and all family members must be integrated for a successful blending.

This is a practical guide with proactive solutions for new family relationships. The authors, both experienced psychologists, address the factors that affect the blending process, including cultural, socioeconomic, and religious differences.

This positive reference manual also provides:

  • Clear advice on when and where to seek professional help.
  • A detailed list of resources.
  • A set of guidelines to help with the blending process.

The Blended Family Sourcebook will help you make achieving peace within your own merged family a realistic goal.

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