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Blending Families is an easy-to-read guideto a new family. 

Book Review by Pam Gordon

Blending Families: A Guide for Parents, Stepparents, and Everyone Building a Successful New Family

by Elaine Fantle Shimberg

While they may never be the Brady Bunch, newly blended “stepfamilies” do not have to be a war zone when their own  unique problems and special needs are considered..

Newly blended “stepfamilies” have their own  unique problems and special needs. Blending families is not a rerun of the Brady Bunch but it does not have to be a war zone either. With patience and understanding, the new family works, lives, and hopefully eventually loves as a blended family rather than as two or three separate groups–his, hers, ours.

Real-life stories from families who’ve been "there and done that" assist the book in covering emotional, financial, disciplinary, and interpersonal conflicts and issues. The issues are covered in a straightforward manner without difficult-to-understand theory. 

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The book includes many special sections that make it a great source for new families of all kinds. Some are:

Family communication including former spouses.

Grandparents and step-grandparents.

Discipline and rules including school.

Family customs and rituals, including religion.

Stress reduction.

Money issues.

Holidays and vacations and adult time.

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The author writes, "And you don’t have to love your stepkids just because you love their parent. There! I’ve said it. Feel better?"

The author concludes with “Twelve Secrets for Successful Stepparenting,” and while they seem simple, they are the valuable basics for building a happy new family.

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