Develop More Than 20bedroom Intimacy

Develop More Than Bedroom Intimacy in Second Marriage.

Second Marriage: Develop marriage and shared interest intimacy in this marriage.

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Second Marriage

Develop More Than Bedroom Intimacy.

Richard Sides

Second Marriage: The most intimate relationships, those more intricately intertwined, are the most stable and long lasting

So the Cleavers were partially intimate, sharing some parts of their lives but not others.

No couple is likely to be completely intimate, but the non-intimate areas are the ones where risk exists.

If Ward was really a Type A, work-driven guy, it would make their relationship more intimate if June better understood how he spent his day and what his challenges were all about. Don’t forget, most of us spend a lot more waking hours at work than any other place, so that can be a dangerous area in which to leave an intimacy void.

Fortunately for the Cleaver household, Ward was not likely to have an affair (even one of those fully clothed intimacies) witha coworker, because work was just something he did to earn a living. It was not his passion.

Ward’s passion was golf! Of course, his time on the links was something June put up with, and could hardly understand, again as an outside observer. The intimacy was with other guys, but it was still an area of intimacy.

The bottom line is that intimacy occurs in an area both people are involved in and share some interdependency. We all seek intimacy, and if you don’t meet someone’s intimacy needs, someone else might, and the one with the most intimacy wins.

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Work environments, sporting interests, religious involvements, and political movements are all common areas that we get involved in and want to share with another. Our relationships are more intimate when we share more interests than the bedroom.

The most intimate relationships, those more intricately intertwined, are the most stable and long lasting.

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