Keep Second Marriage Romantic

Keep Love Alive in Your Second Marriage.

Second Marriage: Use romantic games to add romance to an everyday events and keep your second marriage romantic.

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Second Marriage

Keeping Second Marriage Romantic.

Pat McChristie

Second Marriage: Many romantic ways to keep your second marriage romantic.

The purpose here is to keep your second marriage romantic.

Use Small Presents to say "I love you:" Keep a stash of inexpensive (or expensive if that is your style) presents you can leave in unexpected places for your love.

Courting Memories: Use your scanner to bring back romantic and happy times of the courtship preceding your second marriage. Scan a picture and print it along with your romantic note which might begin, "Remember the…"

Add Love with a Single Romantic, Red Rose Think of all the ways you can add love with one romantic red rose.

Romantic Cards: Invest in inexpensive software with romantic graphics to make cards. Make your partner simple cards using your own special language of love and romance. Leave these small romantic touches in places where he or she will find them unexpectedly such as

  • Coat pocked
  • Lunch box
  • Under his/her pillow
  • Cosmetic bag
  • Shoe box
  • Briefcase
  • Work table
  • Sticking out from under the mouse pad.

Romantic Massages: Set the stage for romance with candles, soft music, warm oil. Then give your partner a sensual massage and watch your second marriage thrive.

Romance with Notes or Cards: You are out for an evening for two. A romantic dinner would be the ideal setting but any setting will do. You pass a note or card to your lover describing how you want the evening to end. He/She reads it, smiles and nods. Later your lover adds an event for the evening and passes the note back. You wait a few minutes and add to the message. Romantic feelings grow with each exchange.

Fireplace Romance: Don’t forget a fire in the fireplace with cups of hot chocolate for a cold, rainy, and romantic evening.

Dancing for Romance: Go to a romantic and dark nightclub. Kiss, hold hands and slow dance all evening.

CyberParent Recommended books for Second Marriages

Romance: Add ways to make romantic love more wonderful.

Borrow Words of Romance: Poets have been writing romantic words for centuries. Borrow the language of romance and love here.

Popcorn and a Movie: There is still shared popcorn and a romantic movie–an oldie but goody. Maybe a glass of wine or two. Cuddling on the couch or snuggling in the recliner…

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