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Keep Romance Alive in Your Second Marriage.

Romance: Romantic ways to use rose petals to romance your lover.

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Romance and Romantic

Keep Romantic Love Alive in Second Marriage.

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Romance: Rose petals are another way to stage a romantic evening.

As beautiful as rose petals are and as wonderful as they smell, they are another way to express love and kindle romance. Be aware, though, that rose petals can stain so be careful where you use them.

Use these suggestions to express your love. You will soon think of more uses for petals of the beautiful, romantic rose.

Float rose petals in a scented bath for two.

Place a sheet in front of the fireplace. Cover the sheet with rose petals and light the room with candles.

Leave trails of rose petals to a romantic gift.

Sprinkle rose petals anywhere you want to leave a gift of romance for your lover. Place a runner of fabric down (a scarf, perhaps) your table, add a single rose, and sprinkle the runner with rose petals. Light your romantic dinner with rose-scented candles.

Add rose petals to a love letter.

Sprinkle rose petals over the tissue in the box with a romantic gift. Top the box with a single rose.

Rose petals are for lovers.

Additional information about romance and romantic love.

Romance: Rose petals say love in a romantic way.

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