Marriage Right Wrong Reasons

Second Marriage for All the Right or Wrong Reasons.

Second Marriage: There are right reasons to marry and wrong reasons to marry. Hopefully you will marry again for all the right reasons.

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Second Marriage

Second Marriage for All the Right-Wrong Reasons.

Katie Rogers

Second Marriage: Have you noticed that there is pressure on singles to marry again–maybe for all the wrong reasons.

Marriage For All the Wrong Reasons

Have you noticed? There is a lot of pressure on singles to marry again.

That pressure can and does cause singles to enter relationships and even a second marriage for the wrong reasons.

What are some of the wrong reasons that singles choose to marry? Just a few are:

1. Age.

Some singles think that being over a certain age and unmarried indicates something is wrong with them or gives them an increasingly poor chance of ever marrying again. Others worry about their "biological clock" and marry to have children.

2. Sex.

Some singles confuse the desire to have sex with the desire to marry.

Or they confuse lust with love.

They get so addled by chemistry and lust, they forget to look at the person they are marrying. Those warning signs are quickly covered by another trip to bed.

3. Loneliness or that empty feeling.

Some singles feel that another marriage will solve their loneliness and/or make their life more meaningful. They are looking for someone to jumpstart their life.

4. Avoid growing up.

Some single men and women marry to find someone to take care of them–financially, emotionally and/or socially.

All the wrong reasons to marry and almost certainly another trip to the divorce court in the future.

Marriage for All the Right Reasons

When you enter in relationships and marriage for the right reasons, you have a good chance of an enduring, satisfying, and life-long relationship.

Regardless of the age you marry, make certain that you wait until :

  • Your life is full of good things to share. Marriage should focus on what you can give to your partner, not on what he/she can give to you.
  • You realize that marriage is not the possession of another person.
  • You realize that marriage is a lifelong process of learning and change that will affect you twenty-four hours a day.

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There are also a few things every single should probably do before marrying again

Before you can marry successfully, try this:

1. Know who you are: And that is easier said than done for most of us.

2. Know what you want in a marriage.

3. Have a "road map" of the person who can successfully share your life.

4. Know where and how to find that person without wasting years of time.

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Reprinted with permission: SOLO for Singles.

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