Senior Cohousing

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Senior Or Elder CohousingActive Retirement Housing in a Cohousing CommunityA Welcome Choice for America’s Retiring and AgingPopulation

Seniors enjoy the fall of life more in cohousing communities. Seniors in elder cohousing age in place among friends and a strong support group.

Deciding Where to Live Is this the area where you want to spend the remainder of your life? It is a really hard decision to move to another area forever! Benefits of Senior Cohousing The benefits of living in senior cohousing are myriad and include better mental & physical health, saved time, money & resources, physical safety, cures for loneliness, and more.

Active Lifestyle of Elder Cohousing Living in a cohousing community gives seniors other people to join in the creation of a more active lifestyle than they would lead on their own.

Cars, Who Needs Them? The importance of owning and driving a car recedes immediately upon moving into a senior cohousing community.

Is Senior Cohousing Right for You? Questions to ask yourself and your potential cohousing neighbors.

Meanwhile, Back at theCommon House The common house is the heart of the senior cohousing community.

Where Do Pre-Retirees Want to Live? A survey shows that many want a cohousing-type situation.

Make Good Use of Your Common House Some ideas for the many uses of a common house or community areas.

Therapeutic Community Gardens for Seniors Raised beds or even tables allows seniors to garden with or without arthritis.

Individual Privacy in Senior Cohousing It is as simple as shutting your door.

Features of Senior Cohousing Ten features most senior cohousing communities have in common.

Ecohousing: Why Build Green? Why build cohousing in accordance with sustainable development principles? There is a compelling financial reason.

Finding a Senior Cohousing Community That may prove to be easier said than done.

Costs of Elder Cohousing Most elder housing is sold at market rate. Many seniors can not afford market rate. What can be done to lower costs so that more seniors can afford to live in cohousing?

Why Elder Cohousing? Why choose elder cohousing when you lead an active and healthy lifestyle?

Hot Spots in Community Decisions It is important to settle potential emotional differences around hot spots early in the planning process.

Outdoor Common Areas for Senior Cohousing Planning outdoor common areas for seniors has several factors to consider.

Common Areas in Senior Cohousing The community house is just one of the common areas in senior cohousing.

Aging Gracefully in Elder Cohousing Being in a cohousing situation helps seniors age gracefully and actually enjoy their old age.

What Kind of Housing Do Seniors Want? They don’t seem to want what is available to them at this time.

Good Neighbor Information Assembling this packet of information will help all residents of a cohousing community.

Seniors and Loneliness Regardless of the fullness of our life as a young or middle-aged adult, there seemsto be more loneliness involved as we age.

Younger Facesin Senior Cohousing What about an occasional younger face in elder cohousing communities?

Do Rentals Make Sense for Senior Cohousing? Are they a source of income or a growing burden?

Senior or Elder Cohousing Fit with Intergenerational Cohousers Side-by-side communities fit well and offer benefits to all.

Few Lonely Seniorsin Elder Cohousing as both forms of loneliness, social and emotional, are less prevalent in senior or elder cohousing.

Living in an elder or senior cohousing community allows residents to travel and know their home is safe while they are away. Cohousing can play a big part in your active retirement.

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