Common Areas Senior Cohousing

Common Areas iin Senior Cohousing

Common Areas in SeniorCohousing

The seniors living in elder or senior cohousing plan the common areas to suit themselves. Flower gardens are a cheerful component of most senior cohousing.

Dallas Senior/Elder Cohousing The common house is not the only common area in a senioror elder cohousing community.

Other common areas enjoyed by seniors are:

1. Community gardens for both flowering plants and fruitsand vegetables are welcome in senior cohousing.Read more.

2. Swimming pool. Swimming is good aerobic exercise for seniors but older seniors do not share a pool well with children.

3. Workshop area.

4. Pond or creek. Any body of water, even a reflectionpool, is an asset to senior cohousing.

5. Small play area for visiting grandkids

6. Outdoor living areas such as decks, patios, and porches.A meeting porch with rockers is a natural senior cohousing feature.

7. Walking and open areas. This is enhanced by natural beauty and wooded areas.

8. Parking for community vehicles such as wagons orcarts for seniors who are transporting itemsfrom automobiles, motorized wheelchairs, or a community truckor van.

9. Individual storage areas are useful for seniors, particularlythose who are downsizing their home size to cohousing. These might be availableon a rental basis or be added as an extra purchase.

10. A meditation area.

11. Screened porch, particularly in areas where bugs and/or mosquitoes are a nuisance. A good place to add those rockers for seniorcohousing.

12. Parking area which could include an area for minor automobile repairs.

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