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Importance of Community Gardens in Senior Cohousing

Therapeutic CommunityGardens for Seniors in Cohousing

Elder cohousing often contain both flower and vegetable gardens. Both are therapeutic for seniors.

Seniors garden in cohousing plot.


A community garden is often part of a senior cohousing project.Although flower gardens are therapeutic and add beauty to senior or eldercohousing, a vegetable garden is a welcome addition for several reasons.

Gardens also require bending and stooping, a feat that is hard for some seniors. In this case we recommend raised beds, even raised tables. The therapeutic nature of hands in the soil and watching something of beauty or usefulness grow is too precious to give up to arthritis. 

Cohousing community gardens have severalfeatures in common:

1. They are almost universally organic. 

2. They often provide food for all in thecohousing dining room.

3. They expose cohousing residents to nature and tosources of food.

4. They are therapeutic for most who work inthe gardens.

5. They help create important biodiversity inthe community. Community gardens create habitat support for insects and birds.

6.  They buffer urban noises and sounds. 

In summary, they are another source ofcommunity building for a cohousing project.  

Community gardens do not have to be big. Thesmallest garden still offers beauty and therapy, even a fair amount of food, forseniors who are fortunate enough to live in cohousing.


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