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Ten Common Features of Senior, Elder Cohousing

Ten Common Features ofSenior Cohousing

Elder cohousing is for active seniors who intend to age in place.
Active seniors live in elder cohousing.
Senior cohousing is built using universal design.

1. Each family has at least one person who is age 55 or over in order toreside in the senior community.

2. Senior Cohousing is designed not only for community, but also for individual privacy.

3. Each senior family has a private home which is normally modest in size with"green" construction saving energy, materials, and money.

4. Each private home is built using universal design and can fit thelifestyle of an active senior or one who needs accessibility for a walker orwheelchair–now or in the future.

5. Private homes in senior cohousing are augmented by common facilities which are shared by allresidents and include such amenities as a commonhouse, a community garden,common open areas and walking paths, community hobby areas, and otherfeatures that are important to the cohousing residents.

6. Common facilities are planned and built using universal design toassure use by residents with all levels of physical ability.

7. Residents manage their project after they move-in and in a few projects,residents manage from the beginning.

8. Leadership is shared by residents. No one person from the community leadsthe project, although consultants are often hired during the planning andbuilding stage.

9. The community itself is not normally a source of income for theseniors. There is no shared income in the community–each senior family has its ownoutside sources of income.

10.  Structures are one story unless an elevator is provided,although second story units are sometimes included for the living quarters tohome health aides.

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