Intergenerational Senior Cohousing Together

Senior or Elder Cohousing Fit with Intergenerational Cohousers

Intergenerational and Senior orElder Housing Together

 In certain situations, intergenerational cohousing communities fit well with elder or senior cohousing.

Senior and intergenerational cohousing can share walking paths and wooded areas.


Many cohousers of all ages are finding that an intergenerational cohousing community and a senior or elder cohousing community are good side-by-side fits.

Each has its own common house but they could share some common features such as:

1. Community vegetable garden.

2. Greenhouse.

3. Craft area.

4. Workshop.

5. Open spaces (such as walking trials, woods, creeks, or wetlands).

Advantages for Intergenerational Members:

  • Seniors make wonderful adopted grandparents .
  • Senior can help with after-school care for working parents. A place can even be set aside for this in the intergenerational common house.
  • Single moms often find built-in male role models for their children. 
  • Seniors often have more time for gardening and the like than those who are still career building.

Advantages for Senior Members

  • Extra income from baby-sitting.
  • A feeling of usefulness.
  • Being the adopted grandparent or role model for a child.
  • Mentoring.
  • Help with matters that require youthful strength or balance in the senior common house or in individual homes.

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