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Active Lifestyle of Senior, Elder Cohousing Communities

Active Lifestyle of Elder CohousingCommunities

Living in cohousing lets you live an active lifestyle, at times even more active because you have someone to share your life.

The active lifestyle of many seniors is actually enhanced by living in cohousing.


The current lifestyle of elders seems to be a progression of escalating isolation as friends die or move away and increasing frailties constrict movement outside of the home. A downward spiral begins and eventually pushes many of our elders to the dreaded fate of the nursing home.

Elder or senior cohousing can stop that spiral. 

The lifestyle of elder cohousing is built around the premises that:

1. Your neighborhood is your community thus allowing you to live in a more intimate manner within cohousing. You don’t suffer the isolation that leads to social and emotional loneliness.

2. The more hardy and healthy of the elder cohousing residents will assist in the care of their more frail neighbors.

People may imagine elder cohousing as a bunch of retirees napping on the porch in their respective rocking chairs. The opposite is true.

Actually, living with friends gives seniors other people to join them in the creation of a more active lifestyle than most of them would lead on their own. 

For example, living with other seniors not only gives residents traveling companions but it also gives them thefreedom to travel knowing their home is being carefully watched for them. You can also add the bonus of sharing the cost of traveling which helps all parties financially and allows even more travel on the same budget.

Seniors are more apt to exercise with other seniors of like physical abilities. Even walking is more fun and more apt to happen with a walking companion who shares your speed and fitness level.

Although retirement is not a prerequisite of residency, most residents of elder cohousing are retired and have time to pursue an active lifestyle that is not possible while still working.

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