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Developer-driving cohousing seems to have a better chance of completion. If you can not find a senior cohousing community in your area, consider starting one.

Where can you go to find senior cohousing?

Your chances of completion seem to be better if you can find a developer-drivencommunity.

McCamant & Durrett, architects, have a senior cohousing projectstarted: Silver Sage Cohousing in Boulder, CO,

Kiki Wallace is the master developer for Prospect elder cohousing inLongmont, CO.

The Unitarian Church has a project underway in Dallas. The church itselfwill buy the land making this a probable happening.

Arvada Proactive Adult Community isforming in Arvada, CO, a project of Wonderland Hill Development Company.

A SecondJourney elder housing is forming in Chapel Hill, NC. Member Bolton Anthony saidthat finding affordable land is proving to be a problem in thisarea.

If you cannot find a senior cohousing community in your area, consider starting one.

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