Seniors Cohousing Right

Is Senior, Elder Cohousing Right for You?

Is SeniorCohousing Right for You?

There are several questions to ask yourself before moving into senior cohousing.

Start by asking yourself what attracts you about senior cohousing.


The same type of senior housing (orsenior cohousing community) that is right forone retired person may not be right for the next one.

Think about cohousing for a fewminutes. How do you determine if cohousing is a good place for you tospend the rest of your life? 

You are old enough to know that nosituations or relationshipsareperfect. But everyone has concerns about those matters and some of those concerns are very importantissues. Yet we often get bogged down by inconsequential issues that are reallyof no great importance to us. 

The first step in determining ifcohousing is right for you, then, is to prepare questions about the really important issues in your life whilepreparing to let less important items slide.

Now that you have narrowed your list down to yourmajor issues, the second step is to go to meetings and ask questions about them. 

Listen to the answers, of course,but just as important, watch the body language of people who are not responding.This will help you to avoid disparities between your wishes and those of theothers who will share your life.

The following are some examples of questions you might askyourself. 

1. Whatattracts you about living in cohousing? 

Social times, shared meals, vegetablegardening, cooking, working in the shop, more free time, less free time…

2. The support system of cohousing communities is awonderful benefit but it is a two-way street. How will you feel about people whoask for your support or favors?  
In a small community people might askyou for everything from a ride to DFW Airport to watering plants or caring forpets while they are traveling…

3. Living in cohousing is often described as up-close and personal. How good are you at establishing your own boundariesand respecting the privacy and boundaries of others? 
Can you both learn tosay "no" to others and take "no" when others say it toyou…

4. Will you enjoy your monthly work time that keeps the communityoperational, keeps costs down, and builds friendships? 
Although you willprobably have some choice of tasks, it often takes 10-15 hours of your time eachmonth… 

5. How do you handle controlling people and conflict situations? 
Do you seethe inside, explode in a temper, argue, walk away, move on tosomething else…

6. How will you handle other residents’ pets,grandchildren, or other guests?

7. Do you have unusual diet or food preferences?

8. Would you prefer living with allages or your own age? 
If cohousing is right for you, do you want to live with all ages, includingchildren, as in intergenerational cohousing, or would you prefer to live withthose who are closer to your own age and probably quieter in senior cohousing…

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