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The common house truly is the center of the senior cohousing community. Each group decides what roles their common house will play in the cohousing community although there are some basic rooms that will probably be present in all senior cohousing common houses such as the dining room and mail room.

The common house is the heart of the senior cohousing community and is designed to promoteactivity within the village. In many, many ways it keeps the community viable andactive.

Each group decides what roles their common house will fill. However,almost all cohousing common housing includes many of the following basic functions:

1. A large dining area and and community gathering space. This room isused for parties, dances, community videos, and more.

2. A common kitchen designed for at least two cooks at atime. Although its primary use is for preparing community meals, the kitchenmight also be used at other times for juicing, canning, and cleaning/sorting ofcommunity-grown vegetables and foods/other goods purchased by a community buyingco-operative..

3. Mail pick-up locations, with bulletin boards and other arrangements for internal communication.

4. Restroom areas.

There are other functions of the common house which can be included suchas:

1. Guest rooms for visiting friends or relatives. This helps cut down onsize of individual homes. Guest rooms are often some of the most utilized spacein a common house.

2. Laundry area for those who do not wish to include a washer/dryer intheir individual homes.

3. Office area with fax machine, copy machine, computer, desk area.

4. Hobby and craft spaces.

5. Exercise room with work-out equipment.

6. An acoustically isolated room for music, both for listening tomusic and practicing an instrument.

The larger the community, the more varied functions the common house mightprovide. The community house will probably be smaller if the residents arecaring for and maintaining the common house.

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