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Where to Live for Senior orElder Housing

Is this the area where you want to spend the remainder of your life?

It is a hard decision to move to another area forever!



Before you decide on an area for spending the rest of your life, check crime statistics, tax rates, housing affordability, health care quality, and the general economy of the area. You can compare cities on several websites or just google the name of the town and look at information available about it.

Then think about seeing your own children. It is easy to say you will travel to see them often, but it is harder in practice than in thought.

If you do decide to move, don’t forget details about choosing a specific house that will be livable as you grow older. Look for wide doors, few-to-no steps or stairs, and a bathroom that can be entered in a wheelchair.


People often decide on a two-story townhouse  when they want to downsize but that is usually a mistake. You may be quite healthy now but imagine what would happens if a  twinge of arthritis gets worse or you actually end up in a wheelchair for some reason.

At least make certain the townhouse you buy has a bedroom and full bath on the first floor. If you must restrict stair use in the future, then you could live on that one level, even if you had to remodel.

That said, if you are looking for cohousing, there are not that many senior or elder cohousing places to live now.

So, you might consider intergenerational cohousing. 

There are about 100 or so intergenerational cohousing communities. Maybe you will be lucky and there will be one near you.

And, don’t forget… You can always start one yourself.

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