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Seniors, Senior Living and Retirement: The not-so-obvious members of your Anti-Loneliness Network can be found in politics, activism, playing games, moving, part-time work, school, and more.

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Non-So-Obvious Members of Anti-Loneliness Network for Seniors or Retirement Building an Anti-Loneliness Network for Seniors and Retired Persons

ByDH Owens

Senior Living:There are many not-so-obvious ways to search for members of your Anti-Loneliness Network.

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We started with the obvious members of your anti-lonely network. Now let us look at some of the not-so-obvious ways to network with people.


Plan a family reunion. Everyone loves them but they are too time consuming for many of the younger generation to tackle. You have time and you can do it. Plan it for a time when kids are out of school and people normally have time off from work. Long week-ends such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July are ideal.Don’t be satisfied with your immediate family. Draw in people from extended family that you have not seen in years–or decades. If nothing else, you will enjoy talking to them again.

If the family-reunion seems like a monumental task, write a short family history. That will keep you in contact with all your relatives, again some you have not seen in a long time. As you finish a chapter or two, spread it around for others to enjoy. You will like your original correspondence with some of them, so keep it up.


Moving to a new apartment in the same general metropolitan area is a small step. Selling your home or moving to a new state or town is a large step.

Don’t take that step unless you are certain it is a wise one. Moving solves some problems, such as putting you closer to your children or sister/brother, but it kills the social network you left behind.

A real estate broker told me about a customer of his who constantly sold her house and bought another one. She always seemed to think a new home would solve her problems. Of course, it never did.

Editor’s note: If you are considering moving to a retirement community, consider senior cohousing. That form of living surrounds you with potential friends from the beginning.


You might be happy entering politics on a local level. You can start by helping a politician in his/her campaign. Or volunteer to serve on the parks board in your town.


There are a number of ills in this world just waiting to be cured by you as a activist. Are you an environmentalist or a peace lover. There are activist groups for almost any cause you can imagine. So give your ideals a shake out and see if you believe in something strongly enough to become an activist.

Start a Group

Start a book discussion group or a group with members who share your interests. Bookstores will help you start a discussion group as will activist groups and other volunteer groups. You can also start a group by putting notices on the bulletin boards of your rec center and local supermarkets. The internet brims over with websites for announcing events.

Ask people if they are interested, then get their email address. Or start a website–lots of work that is not exactly people-oriented, but it might get big results for you. Certainly you can start a Yahoo group.

Active Groups

Join some group that is active such as a walking, dancing, or yoga group. A walking group is ideal. It is natural to fall back or speed up to talk to various people in the group. The Sierra Club or Volksport have national groups you can find in many areas.

Continuing Education

Go back to school for fun or for learning. You will probably meet people in class and you will keep your brain nimble.

Part-Time Work

Get a part-time job if that appeals to you. Again, you will meet people at work and keep your brain nimble. It will also add dollars to your retirement income you can use to further your social life.

Play Games

Learn to play dominoes or poker or some other game that involves a group setting. Then join a group that plays, weekly if possible.

Singles Groups

If you are single, there are always single groups to join. They may be church groups in small towns but they are always available.

If you are seriously looking for a spouse, investigate online dating and a personal matchmaking service.

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