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Summing Up Anti-Loneliness Network for Seniors, Elders, Retirees, Retirement

Seniors, Senior Living and Retirement: Twelve months later, you can sum up your anti-loneliness network as a success for curing social loneliness.

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Seniors and Senior Living, Retirement

Summing Up the Anti-Loneliness Network for Seniors or Retirement Building an Anti-Loneliness Network for Seniors and Retired Persons

ByDH Owens

Senior Living:You certainly have a social network by now. That leaves emotional loneliness to cure.

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Twelve months later, sum up your anti-loneliness network. Some of the following are you:

1. You started by taking stock of the friends and acquaintances you do have and maximizing these relationships.

2. You have joined a church that suits you perfectly and at least one volunteer group.

3. You’ve looked up your old friends and those in your family who might need your friendship or assistance.

4. You have gone back to work part-time.

5. You have planned a family reunion.

6. You have become active in politics or activism of some sort.

7. You have learned to play cards or dominoes and joined a group that plays.

8. You have joined at least one walking, dancing, or exercise group–something active.

9. You have gone back to school for continuing education.

10. If you are single and looking, you have gone to a singles groups or three and done some online dating or joined a matchmaking service.

You certainly have a social network by now.

That leaves emotional loneliness to cure.

Experts tell us it takes about three years to make a best friend. Even a new significant other takes about three years for true closeness to develop.

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Yet both of these relationship will be a direct result of the steps we take to end social loneliness.

Give it time–you are on your way.

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