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Seniors, Senior Living and Retirement: a directory of loneliness articles that offer an understanding and a way to cure loneliness by starting to build an anti-loneliness network. Loneliness is a choice.

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Seniors and Senior Living, Retirement

Loneliness Directory for Seniors and Retirees Senior Living and Retirement

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Senior Living:Even if loneliness is thrust upon us, to continue to be lonely is a choice we make.

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Loneliness may be thrust upon us but the continuation of loneliness is a choice. We can choose to be lonely or we can choose not to be lonely and build our own anti-loneliness network.

Loneliness in Seniors and Retirees Seniors describe loneliness as a feeling of emptiness or hollowness inside you, one that might even make you feel alienated from the rest of the world.

Understanding Loneliness There are two types of loneliness that seniors experience. Before you can build an anti-loneliness network, you must understand what makes you lonely.

Loneliness and Other Quotes Reflect on these quotes about loneliness, friends, and solitude, then let loneliness be the impetus you need to develop an anti-lonelinessnetwork.

Loneliness or Anti-Loneliness Is a Choice for Seniors and Retirees We may feel that loneliness lands in our lap through life happenings such as aging, death, or retirement. That is true. However, the continuation of loneliness is a choice–one that we make for ourselves.

Obvious Members of Anti-Loneliness Network There are obvious places to look for members of your network. Start there.

Not-So-Obvious Members of Anti-Loneliness Network And there are some non-obvious places to search, too.

Summing Up the Anti-Loneliness Network After a year or so, sit down and sum up your progress.

Some Times Are More Lonely for Seniors Certain times are more lonely for seniors than others. It might be a holiday, a crisis, a special day, or even a sudden memory that brings on loneliness–a feeling so strong it can bring tears to the eyes.

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If you are still having difficulty dealing with feelings of loneliness on your own, please read books on loneliness and/or friendship or seek the help of a mental health professional in your community.

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