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Seniors, Senior Living and Retirement: In order to develop an anti-loneliness network, you must first understand there are two types of loneliness: social and emotional.

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Understanding Loneliness is the First Step to Curing Loneliness for Seniors Senior Living and Retirement

ByDH Owens

Senior Living:Being lonely is described as universal, even among married people.

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Before you can develop an anti-loneliness network, you mustfirst understand loneliness.

There are two types of loneliness that seniors experience. Although they are both described as lonely, they are actually two unique situations:

  • Social Loneliness

  • Emotional Loneliness

Once you understand loneliness, you can gather your forces and be proactive about advancing your anti-loneliness network.

Social Loneliness

Social loneliness stems from an absence of a social network. People with an active social life rarely suffer social loneliness. Others, for various reasons such as being shy, a workaholic, or new to an area, do not have a social network in place.

Everyone needs people for "hanging out." People who are describing social loneliness refer to feelings of boredom, restlessness, and feeling left out.

Emotional Loneliness

Emotional loneliness comes from the absence of a close emotional relationship. Although even one close relationship can cure emotional loneliness for many, that close relationship is much harder to build than a social network.

Even the most socially active person can suffer from this type of loneliness when his/her social network is comprised of superficial acquaintances. People who are describing this type of loneliness speak of feelings of anxiety and emptiness.

Spouses and Significant Others

Of course, one person can not make a social network. But you need at least one friend as a confidant. That can certainly be your spouse but it often is not. And, of course, many seniors do not have a spouse or a significant other.

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Now that you understand loneliness, let’s move on to some action.

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