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Seniors, Senior Living and Retirement: Certain times are more lonely for seniors than others. There are always choices to be made at these times that make life easier.

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Some Times Are More Lonely for Seniors Senior Living and Retirement

ByDH Owens

Senior Living:Lonely times might be brought on by a crisis, an anniversary of an event, or even a sudden memory.

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Certain times are more lonely for seniors than others. Itmight be a holiday, a crisis, a special day, or even a sudden memory that bringson loneliness–a feeling so strong it can bring tears to the eyes.

There are always choices to be made at these times that make life easier. We have gathered some suggestions to ease the pain or make these loneliness "attacks" less likely to happen in the future.


1. Take time to reflect on your life.

Most of us need social friends and at least one or two close friends in our lives. That is our anti-loneliness network. Plan an evening to take stock of your network.

2. Make plans for your future.

Seniors don’t have to be lonely in the future. You can use this as a wake-up call to form a "preventative-action plan" for the rest of your life!

3. Take action.

This is an excellent time to set goals, then take action, for your future.

A social group, a lifestyle group, a volunteer situation, moving closer to family, a new hobby that involves interaction with people… which of these could help you avoid the next time of extreme loneliness?

If you have never set goals before, know that written goals are the most likely to succeed. Take time to write them, then look at them often to chart your "anti-loneliness" progress.


1. Bury yourself in solitary activities.

Reading,television, videos at home: all are usually solitary activities. Seniorsneed people now. Read in the library or a busy park. Go to the movies. In otherwords, seniors who get out of their homes during a lonely time might farebetter than those who do not.

2. Return to a bad relationship or friendship.

This is not the time to go running back to a failed marriage or a bad relationship. Even mentally reliving that relationship can make you feel worse rather than better in the long run. It is a time to look for positive relationships and friendships.


1. Contact your family.

But not necessarily everyone… This is a good time to contact the positive members of your family. Not Aunt Matilda with her constant aches and pains or Uncle Bob who dwells on gloom and doom. If possible, choose the most cheerful, upbeat person in your family and make that call or visit.

2. Come closer to friends.

Friends are invaluable to all persons and their value is felt profoundly at times of crisis or extreme loneliness.

3. Call old friends.

Is this the time to contact your old friend from home or college… the one who could usually make you feel better with his/ her ability to embrace life?

4. Call on a higher power.

Prayer, meditation, and/or spiritual study help most of us to cope.

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5. Volunteer.

There are many organizations that can use your help. If you can, choose a volunteer situation which brings you in contact with other people. This is a good coping strategy for many and volunteers of all ages are always welcomes, particularly in times of crisis.

If you need places to volunteer, think of what interests you, then find a group that works in that direction. If you can’t think of anything else, join an environmental group. The earth is in need of some tender, loving care now.

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