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Seniors Slip into Retirement by Aging Gracefully, Health: Seniors, Elders, Retirees, Retirement

Seniors, Senior Living and Retirement: Suggestions for slipping gracefully into retirement and the senior years of your life with poise and health.

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Seniors and Senior Living, Retirement

Seniors Slip into Retirement by Aging with Grace and Health Senior Living and Retirement

By Joy Stevens

Senior Living:Suggestions for healthful living and graceful aging for seniors and retirees.

Senior Living from CyberParent

Slip into senior living and retirement with poise and health by following these suggestions for graceful aging.

1. Personal Support Network Seniors need friends and family. Senior singles need this even more than couples. Develop and maintain a strong social support network of family, friends, and colleagues within your seniors network. Get involved in the community or join an environmental group like the Sierra Club. Most non-profit groups welcome members of all ages. After you join, go to meetings and be an active member.

2. Exercise Develop a personal exercise program combining aerobics, yoga, and weight work. They are all important to your heart, your strength, your flexibility, and your balance. Hire a personal trainer to get you started. It is easy to sit home when you don’t have someone to exercise with but remember that graceful aging requires muscles! Many cities have special programs for seniors. Take advantage of them–you are likely to some friends here, too.

3. Financial Take charge of your financial future. Plan, plan, and plan. If you are single, don’t count on getting married to finance your old age. You are on your own! If you are married, do this together. And if you are approaching retirement without the best retirement income in the world, take heart. There will be more and better work opportunities for older workers in the future.

4. Diet and Nutrition Eat a low-fat, high-fiber diet. Learn to live on fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes as much as possible. Plan a few days a week that include no animal products, not even dairy. Your food bill will go down and your energy will go up! Energy is important for seniors who are aging gracefully.

5. Nutritional Information Seniors should endeavor to stay aware of the latest nutritional information. But be selective about what you believe, though. The food industry wages great PR campaigns designed to win your business. Much nutritional information we hear on the news is from a press release put out by the food or drug industry. Don’t fall for fad diets. When something sounds too good to be true such as The Atkins’ Diet, it usually is. When something sounds too good to be true and it is too complicated for you to comprehend easily, such as Sears’ Zone Diet, be doubly wary. Yes, you may need to lose weight. but you also need to do it in a healthy manner.

6. Brain Power Take charge of your brain. Make an active commitment to learning and growth. According to research on lifespan development: IF you continue to use your brain and develop your intellect and IF you remain socially connected and active, you can actually increase your IQ scores as you age. Be a smart, aware senior.

7. Prescription Drugs Remember that the pharmaceutical industry makes money from selling drugs. Read, study, and form your own opinions about taking cholesterol, blood pressure, estrogen and other "old-age" medicines. Very few long-term studies are available to show the results of these medicines. The industry does extensive advertising to the medical profession pushing these drugs. The industry also does excellent advertising and good PR work with the public in support of these drugs. Your doctor is not a genius. He/she can not possibly keep up with everything and most rely on the pharmaceutical industry for much of their information. It is your responsibility to read, study, and keep up with the truth for yourself.

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8. Drinking, Smoking Practice light to no drinking. No smoking, no matter what.

9. Goals Remain goal oriented. Regardless of your age, still set one, five, ten and twenty-year goals. Keep on growing!

10. Stuffy or Set in Ways Don’t become more conservative than ever. Age is an attitude. Conservative is an old, stuffy attitude that allows life to pass you by and makes you sound old and boring. Seniors can be fun, interesting, and up-to-date!

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