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Book: Child Safe by Mark A Brandenburg, MD, Child Safety. Child Safe: A Practical Guide for Preventing Childhood Injuries by Mark A Brandenburg, MD Mark Brandenburg, M.D., is a full-time emergency physician at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa. He writes, "I’m not waving a red flag to scare you. Rather, I hope that being aware of potential problems and the steps to prevent them will make you a mare confident and safe parent." Most parents acquire child-safety knowledge in bits and pieces from friends and relatives. Brandenburg’s book gathers all that information into one easy-to-use volume. Although this can be a frightening book to read, it is an excellent gift for single parents who carry the responsibility for child safety alone. Also, a good book to read yourself, then give your ex so your children will be safe at both homes. Book review by Pam Gordon. Copyright © 2000 CyberParent. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

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