Can a Single Parent Raise a Successful Child? 10 Ways to ROCK Single Parenting

The following tips make it easier to be both a loving and competent single parent.

Unless there is a family fortune allowing a single parent to remain at home, single families are characterized by a working parent.

Although this is not ideal, and often stressful for both the parent and the child, working moms or dads can still spend lots of quality time with their children.

So, is it possible for a single parent to raise a successful child? 

The following tips make it easier to be both a loving and a competent single parent.

10 ways to ROCK Single Parenting:

  1. After work spend the first few minutes at home connecting with your children. Sit on the couch together and talk or giggle. Let them feel your love and concern for them.
  2. After a few minutes, you can all go about your part in preparing dinner. Those first few minutes of bonding will remind them you care.
  3. After dinner, devote part of the evening to your children. Make that time special.
  4. If you have small children, sit on the floor with them. Color, read, sing, or just talk.
  5. If you have older children, you can play a game, take a walk together, or, again, just sit and talk. However, don’t use the time for lectures or criticism; use it for bonding and building your child’s self-esteem.
  6. Let your children help you prepare for morning. They can lay out their clothes, place school materials in a central location, and plan their own breakfast. Preplanning and organization takes some of the frenzy out of morning routines.
  7. Make bedtime the most special time of the day. Read a story, have a brief chat about tomorrow, or develop your own special routine. Make certain the last moment of the day is an enjoyable one. It is much better to end the day with a hug and a smile than an argument.
  8. Allow each child to help with the Saturday chores and errands. Saturday in particular can be a nightmare of chores and cleaning. It can also become a quality family time with some prior planning.  Although it is usually quicker to do it yourself, children love to impress their parents. After they have done a particular chore several times, they will actually become a time saver for you! Also: don’t forget to show your gratitude for their help. No one wants to be the family slave.
  9. While it is true that a parent’s job is to socialize their children, pick on a few things at a time. Decide what is important to you and the children’s future, and pursue those three or four items consistently. Let other, less important, problems slide until another time – this can be crucial to your child’s success.
  10. Get up a little early on Sunday morning. Let it be an unspoken rule that anything can be talked about at that time without Mom or Dad launching into a lecture or falling off the couch in shock. Give your children that time to discuss anything that is worrying them.

Single Parenting = less than perfect – but what’s perfect these days?

Realize that there will be many times that are less-than-perfect There is no reason to feel guilty about those times. If children feel loved, they can take tense times in stride.

And keep part of each week for yourself. Allow time for friends, dating, keeping fit, chilling out, and grooming.

Again, it is easy to feel guilty when you are a single parent, particularly when you take time for yourself.

Ultimately, raising a successful child should have little to do with your relationship status.

Just remember that a happy, relaxed parent is best for any child and will maximize their chances for success in life!

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