Short book reviews for children

Disciplining a Child in a Single-Parent Household.

1-2-3 Magic Training Your Child to Do What You Want By Thomas Phelan

This is a wonderful discipline system for single parents. If this excellent form of discipline appeals to you, get the whole story by buying the publication. Phelan’s book, 1-2-3 Magic, Training Your Child to Do What You Want. In addition to very thorough coverage of his counting method for time-out, Phelan also includes a section for teachers, a section for more serious stop-behaviors, such as lying, stealing, or playing with fire, and a section for start-behavior tactics.

This book is a must-read for parents of children aged two up to early teens. I personally enjoyed the cassette version since it allowed me to listen and drive–a good use of precious time for single parents.

Order one for your ex, too. Having the same discipline style is almost as good as having the same rules.

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The Nutrition Habits Your Child Forms Today, Determine His/Her Health for Life!

The Yale Guide to Children’s Nutrition, William V. Tamborlane, M.D., Editor

This excellent nutrition primer is a must for the libraries of all parents. If you are worried about what your child is eating or if your child is eating, this book will set the record straight for you. It has an excellent explanation of fats and which fats to include in your child’s diet. In short, this is the first nutrition book you should buy as a parent and will probably be the only one you will need for several years to come.

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