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Concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies actually concentrate reflected sunlight onto receivers by using. mirrors. The receivers collect the solar energy and convert it to heat or thermal energy. This is used to produce electricity from a steam turbine or heat engine driving a generator.

One way to classify solar power technologies and systems is by how the various systems collect or store solar energy. CSP technologies are one of these:

  • Linear Concentrator Systems
  • Dish/Engine Systems
  • Power Tower Systems

Thermal Storage

When the sun sets, solar  energy productions stops. Even when the sun is blocked by clouds, energy production production slows. Thermal energy storage offers a e solution to the setting sun and cloudy day.  to this challenge.  If the receiver contains oil or molten salt as a heat-transfer medium, then the thermal energy can be stored for later use. This allows CSP systems to be a cost-competitive option for providing clean, renewable energy. 


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