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The inverter is a key component of all photovoltaic (PV) solar systems. These sophisticated electronic devices change the direct current (DC) created by the PV into the alternating current (AC) we use in North America.

Inverter power ratings refer to the maximum continuous output.

In a stand-alone system, invertors are sized by determining the largest electrical load placed on them. That is usually when the washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, and electric stove (if you have one) are on simultaneously. This noarmally makes it larger and more expensive than the inverters used with a grid-connected system.

You will have your choice of a sine wave or a modified square wave inverter. Although they cost more, sine wave inverters produce a cleaner form of electricity, are better suited to feeding electricity into the grid, and even work better with some electronic devices.

If, however, you can only afford the modified square wave inverter, you can also

Some electronics buzz with the modified square wave inverter.. They should be installed in an area that mutes this noise, particularly when you are reading or sleeping or possibly install a small pocket sine wave inverter for the circuits servicing sensitive electronics such as stereos.  


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