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You can more or less skip the design stage by buying a package from a reputable dealer. However, the design is such a crucial step in acquiring a good system, that a professional design is usually best. It is comparable to buying a tract home rather than a custom home.

Also important: A professional can design a system for you to be installed over time, spreading the cost of this system over several years if necessary to be practical. More about this.


Installing a solar system is fairly complicated, too. Normally the person who sizes and/or designs your system will also install it, have it installed by his or her company, or refer you to an experienced installation person/company.


Many professionals also work with finance companies to assist you in securing financing. If you need this service, inquire about the availability of this assistance before hiring a professional.


A consultant can pull together all the components of your solar electric system, give you cost estimates, and refer you to reliable installation contractors.


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