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UtilityDependent Solar System (On the Grid)
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You can have a solar system that relies on the local power company to provide you with electricity when your renewable source is not adequate. It can draw all of the electricity that you need.

In this type of system, the PV panels supply electrical power to your home when the sun is shining. At other times, you draw electricity from the grid.

Being connected to the grid provides several advantages.

1. You still enjoy the level of convenience to which most of us are accustomed.

2. You can use power when you want it and as much as you want.

3. It allows you to avoid maintaining a battery system.

4. You can move excess electricity back into the grid.

It adds a level of confidence to a continued and reliable source of electricity.

Batteries are optional as is a small fossil-fuel generator. They are used in case of a power interruption or outage on the grid.

Connecting your PV system to the utility grid will require an interconnection agreement and purchase and sale agreement. Federal law and some state public utility commissions regulations require utilities to supply you with an interconnection agreement. Some utilities have developed their own.

The interconnection agreement specifies the terms and conditions under which your system will be connected to the utility grid. These include your obligation to obtain permits and insurance, maintain the system in good working order, and operate is safely. The purchase and sale agreement specifies the metering arrangement, the payment for any extra electricity generation, and any other related issues.

Discuss all issues with your installation contractor, consultant, or other advisor.


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