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Solar Thermal

Conserve Waterand Energy
Solar Hot Water for aGreen Homeor Business

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Some conservation practices conserve both water and energy. A few of these are:

1. Check your faucets for leaks and repair them quickly. Leaks waste water and if the hot water faucet is leaking, it wastes energy, too! 

2. Conserve energy and water by installing water-saving showerheads. A new showerhead saves dollars and does not waste the planet’s resources.

3. Make certain water faucets are turned off tightly, particularly with children. 

4. Use a sink stopper or dishpan when washing dishes by hand. This also will conserve water and energy. 

5. Do not let hot water run while washing dishes. 

You can never have virtually free hot water if you have water heated by natural gas. But you can practice conservation practices to save both energy and water. 

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Solar Hot Water vs. Natural Gas Hot Water  

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