No matches from speed-dating.

Speed Dating for Singles.

No Matches at Speed Dating Events.

 Your rapid dates are over. You have no matches. 

What if you don’t get a match?

That is a simple answer: Sign up for another meeting and try again. 

Speed dating events in Dallas Fort Worth area.

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Try at least one more time, paying more attention to your appearance and enthusiasm plus trying to be more realistic.

1. Enthusiasm sells. When you have an attitude that this won’t work for you or you don’t appear enthusiastic about the entire event ("this is for losers" or " I only came to this because my friend wouldn’t come without me"), then only the most calloused of participants will choose you.

2. Appearance: No one has to date you. Think about it: If you don’t improve your grooming, style of dress, weight, etc., then maybe no one will date you. 

3. Realism: Real people come to speed dating events: short people, tall people, heavy people, thin people, muscular people–just regular middle-class guys and gals for the most part. Examine your realism for the world–everyone chooses the really good looking folks. If you don’t quite reach the upper 10% of singles in appearance, get real before going to your next event. 

If you have been to several events with no luck, it is time to try other avenues of meeting singles. The truth is that it is always time to try ALL the avenues of meeting singles if a long-term, successful relationship is your goal.

In particular, consider these other avenues of meeting singles:

Good luck. Persistence is the only real way to win, you know!


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