5 Reasons (You’d Never Expect) To Be A Golf Mom

There are a number of reasons why you would want you or your children to pick up a new sport.

However, choosing the right one can take a lot of time. There are so many factors that go into choosing the right sport for your children.

Cost, safety, and flexibility in scheduling are just a few. 

When golf makes your list of options of sports for your children, consider the many reasons that you’d never expect that make being a golf mom an excellent idea.

Learn about some of those reasons here:

1. You Don’t Have to Look Like a Traffic Cone

Let’s face it, soccer moms and moms volunteering in other sports sometimes have to wear things they normally wouldn’t choose for themselves. 

In golf, there is a standard when it comes to attire, but the selections are a little more versatile.

You can also add the sport to your to-do list and enjoy some new accessories like a women’s golf bag or sweet golf skort to your own wardrobe. This is also a benefit that can last the entire day. 

You can dress yourself and your children in the necessary attire at the beginning of the day and wear the outfit until bedtime.

There are many good things about this that just make life a little easier for both mom and kids.

2. Safety is Built Into the Sport

Safety is built into the sport of golf. You do have to take into some considerations.

However, this is not a sport where you are filling out informed consent on concussion waivers, additional insurance forms, and other super fun things about being a mom of an athlete.

There are some health concerns that can stem from being in golf for extended periods, like rotator cuff injuries, golfing elbow, and maybe even carpal tunnel syndrome if you or your children play a lot.

There is, however, a very low risk of injury during a standard golf game, if any at all.

3. Lower Stress and Improved Mental Health

A key health benefit that has so many people involved in golf is its relaxing nature.

There is often beautiful scenery, long walks, a nice cocktail while you are swinging the clubs with friends, and fresh air while enjoying your exercise.

When you make this a regular part of life, you lower your stress which improves your overall mental health.

If you are a mom of a golfer, your children are going to have the same benefits but exchanging the cocktail for their favorite juice box or popsicle.

This is a sport that sends blood circulating through the brain in a positive way and enhances many layers of overall health.

4. Better Sleep

A key component of every golf game is that it is a long game that is outside for many hours at a time, even when you are just playing nine holes.

It is also a sport that involves a lot of walking. Any day that includes this typically includes a good sleep.

Many hours of fresh air combined with exercise is just going to do that for both children and mom.

A number of studies are also indicating the many benefits of good sleep. Good sleep every night will reduce the risk of heart disease, lower the risk of diabetes, and also result in better days following where cognitive skills are improved.

Better sleep results in more successful lives, and most moms will appreciate that for their children and themselves.

5. Improved Self Confidence

The game of golf is typically an individual game and sometimes can be a team sport as well.

When a child is engaged with an individual game, they have a different level of self-confidence than they do when they are part of a team.

Team sports are excellent for self-awareness, learning leadership and sportsmanship, and gaining valuable gross motor skills in competition, but individual sports can offer all of those things and more.

A child that wins at golf is going to have a much different sense of self-confidence than a child who wins with their team at the soccer finals. You’ll love this, mom.

Choose Golf for Fun and Health

Whether you are choosing golf for yourself or your child, you can safely do so with many health benefits in mind. 

There are many mental health benefits and the benefits of better sleep can change your entire week when you or your child plays one round of golf. 

At the same time, you and your children can experience better cardiovascular energy, improved brain function, and more self-confidence in life when you pick up a golf club. 

Consider golf for fun and health today!

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